Make-a-Bear Commercial and Equipment Hire


Party Teddy Bear offer a range of commercial Make-A-Bear activities and joint venture partnership working alongside Retailers, Shopping Mall Consessions, Fund-Raising Organisations, Markets Associations, Exhibitions, Local Authorities to provide the retail Make-a-Bear experience for all promotions, events and functions.


Using the very latest Soft Toy Filling Machines direct from the US we can provide a indoor and outdoor Make-A Bear solutions for all joint venture promotional requirements.


For example a Midland based Home Furnishing Retailer uses Party Teddy Bear at peak times to keep children amused allowing parents have time to make important purchasing selection decisions while the children remain occupied and amused and regular apperance at an outdoor food market has made the market shopping experience fun for the whole family.


              Make-a-Bear Equipment Hire


The equipment can be hired to operate your own Make-a-Bear promotion including the simple to use Filling Machines with many low-cost purchasing options from a large selection of soft toys, materials and retail accessories.


Equipment Hire Rates start from as little as £149.00 per day.